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UPDATED 11/3/2011

Those 'David' questions you've been dying to ask, he'll be taking time  himself once or twice a month to post answers.

Question:  What is your earliest memory playing the alto sax?

Answer: My earliest memory is being up in my bedroom, alone, playing along with Chuck Berry and Fats Domino records. I grew up in St. Louis which is on the Mississippi river, the Illinois Central railroad line and Highway 61, where many great players called home.  Chuck Berry was also from St. Louis, and when he took blues and mixed it with some country, he became as much as anyone, the father of rock 'n roll.  The great ragtime composer Scott Joplin is also from there.   And also Miles Davis.


Question:  Who did you do your first paid gig with and how old were you?

Answer:  I played my first paid gig in The Bill Bay Dance Band when I was 14.    Bill was lucky enough to be the son of Mel Bay, a St. Louis guitar player who not only played steadily for 25 years, but while he was actively pursuing his playing career, taught as many as 100 students a week. He ended up writing what is known as the Mel Bay instructional method and the Mel Bay publication house.


Question:  Did you ever play classical music?

Answer: Yes, absolutely. In college, I studied with Fred Hemke, an American saxophonist and Professor of Music at Northwestern University School of Music.   He started teaching there in 1962, and he has taught hundreds of saxophonists, many who have gone on to become teachers and performers in their own right.

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